Terms and Conditions

In the rewarding world of online gaming, where awards and tests are everywhere, you have to understand the terms and conditions that regulate your experience. An established platform in the developing online gaming business, Jiliace, keeps users safe by giving specific terms and conditions.

terms and conditions

User Agreement

user agreement
Jiliace (Jiliace Online) As you might expect from its name, its one of the best real money online casinos that has built its reputation in the Country. Delves into the unparalleled slot bonus offerings that make Jiliace a top choice for players seeking a rewarding and thrilling online casino experience.

When users complete the registration process by checking the age verification and “Terms of Service” box, they are explicitly acknowledging that they have thoroughly read, comprehended, and consented to be bound by Jiliace‚Äôs User Agreement. This arrangement is a legally binding agreement that outlines the rules that govern the User’s participation in Jiliace’s gambling services.

Modifications to Terms and Policies

modification to terms and policies

Jiliace retains the prerogative to amend, update, or modify these terms and policies, either in whole or in part, over time. Players are deemed to accept and agree to these changes by continuing to use the services after any updates are posted on the website. Although Jiliace may, at its discretion, notify users of revisions, the onus remains on the User to stay abreast of any alterations.

Information and Intellectual Property Rights

information and intellectual property rights

All information, materials, and data provided through the website, including marketing plans, statistics, and odds, are the exclusive property of Jiliace and/or its licensors. Users are granted permission to utilize these resources for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Intellectual property rights, including trademarks, and copyright protect the software, services, and information available on the website.

Conditions of Use

conditions of use

Players are obligated to comply with applicable laws and the terms outlined in this agreement. Specific conditions include residing in permitted jurisdictions, being of legal age, understanding the risks associated with gambling services, and maintaining the confidentiality of account information. 

The Player further warrants and undertakes that, as a condition of using the Services:

The User is acting in his or her own name and capacity, not on behalf of another individual.

The User’s legal capacity is not limited.

The User is (a) at least 21 years old or (b) of any other acceptable age or age of majority, as established by applicable law (“Legal Age”).

(a) at least 21 years old; or (b) the greater of any other legal adult age required by the law applicable to the User

The Bettors are fully aware of the risk of financial loss associated with utilizing the Services.

The monies submitted by the User are not the result of any criminal, illegal, unauthorized, or licensed activity.

If the player is using their Jiliace account, they are not doing anything illegal, unauthorized, or licensed, and they are not trying to do so. The User also agrees with Privacy Policy that they will not use the Services or let anyone else use their account to do anything illegal that is against the law for them or us, including but not limited to money laundering.

To prevent unauthorized access or use, keep the User’s username, account number, and password private. If the login, account number, or password is compromised in any manner, change it immediately or alert us.

Be entirely responsible for any conduct related to the interaction and use of the Services via the Website and/or associated devices using the User’s login account and password, regardless of whether the User allowed or knew about it.

Use the Services, the Website, the Connected Equipment, or the Information in any way that interferes with or reduces the effectiveness of other users’ use.

Do not seek or attempt to collect information about other users in any way.

Uploading or distributing programs, files, or data that include viruses, have corrupted, or may impair the functionality of the associated equipment, software, services, and/or Website is prohibited.

Connecting to the Website and/or using the Connected Device to access the Services and information does not break any laws or contractual obligations that bind the User or the owner of the country where the player is currently connected to the Website. It is also not forbidden by any laws or contractual obligations.

Posting or transmitting unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, discriminatory, pornographic, or impolite content to the Website and/or the Connected Equipment or other users may increase civil liability or violate any law.

The bettor is not an officer, director, employee, consultant, associate, or agent of Jiliace or any of its subsidiaries, nor is he or she related to or lives in the same household as any of the foregoing.

Membership Application and Registration

membership application and registration

The Website’s processes. The User certifies that all information supplied in enrolling and completing the Membership Application is true, accurate, and complete, including the User’s name (“Name”), source of money (including necessary bank account and card details), and address. Jiliace will safeguard user data appropriately. We will keep user personal data and betting information confidential unless required by law, statute, regulation, or decision of a court or regulatory body or appropriate regulatory or law enforcement authority, or these Terms and Conditions. 

Users are responsible for protecting their personal data. To process Website payments, we may disclose Users’ personal information to our payment processing service providers and financial institutions. The player is also solely responsible for ensuring the User’s connection to the Website and its information, downloading and installing software, and/or participating in the Services do not violate any relevant laws.

A valid government ID and debit or credit card are needed to authenticate a user’s membership application. If their information changes, users should let us know. Jiliace may verify a user’s identity and address by mail to ensure accuracy. Jiliace may also use other security methods to verify User information at its discretion. By accepting these terms, the User authorizes Jiliace to link, use, process, and keep User identity and verification results. 

We can deny any user’s membership application for any reason. We only manage the official, alternate Jiliace website listed in online live help. We are not liable for harm caused by members visiting Jiliace-like URLs. For further information, contact our online customer care. Suppose a user has many Jiliace accounts. In that case, we may merge all of the User’s Jiliace accounts into one, eliminate the surplus accounts, or cancel this agreement with the User.

Placing and Accepting Bets

placing and accepting bets

Bets made by users are subject to the rules of each specific game or event and the provisions outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Jiliace retains the right to void bets in the event of errors or system failures. Once a bet is accepted and confirmed, users cannot cancel or alter the details of the bet.

Software Usage Rights

software usage rights

Users acknowledge that access to the software is part of the services provided by Jiliace and/or its licensors. No rights are conferred upon users to adapt, distribute, or make the software accessible to any other parties without prior written consent.

Betting Behavior

betting behavior

To ensure a stable betting environment, Jiliace may deduct invalid transfer codes during settlement and assess the validity of bets on races other than the Big 5.

Transaction Settlement

transaction settlement

Users utilizing credit or debit cards must ensure that the cardholder’s name matches the information provided during membership registration. Users are responsible for payment obligations, and Jiliace may terminate services or payments for certain types of cards at its discretion.

Promotions and Rewards

promotions and rewards

All promotions and rewards are subject to the Terms and Conditions, and Jiliace reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or modify them at any time. Abuse of bonus offers, including withdrawals for redeposit, may result in penalties.


compensation and rewards

Users agree to hold Jiliace and its stakeholders harmless for any losses, damages, or claims resulting from their use of the site, services, or violation of the Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimers and Special Cautions

disclaimers and special cautions

Jiliace asserts that the services, website, and information provided are not offensive, unfair, or contrary to public morals. Users should be aware of the implications of the law and take care to protect the safety of their linked devices, according to the disclaimer.

Termination, Closure, and Suspension of Services

termination, closure, and suspension of services

Jiliace reserves the right to void winnings, forfeit account balances, terminate agreements, or suspend services if users are found to be in violation of specific conditions outlined in the agreement.